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Mitt Romney Talks With A Jimmy Fallon Version Of Mitt Romney On Tonight Show

Even though Mitt Romney is a seasoned public speaker, he was a little bit nervous before appearing on stage of The


Mitt Romney Slow Jams The News With Jimmy Fallon

Remember Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican candidate that not even Republicans seemed to care for? Now that enough time has


Boy Is Disappointed Mitt Romney Lost Election

This nearly two week video only started to trend over the weekend, and now stands  with over 150,000 views, though


Mitt Romney Sings His Concession Speech Parody

Naturally, the musical nerdy Gregory Brothers, who are most famous for their Auto Tune The News series, jumped on the


Pennsylvania Voter’s Computer Voting Machine Selection Of Obama Is Altered To Romney

Across the country, there have been cries of computer voting machine fraud or hacking concerning since early voting. But now


Obama VS Romney Fighting Video Game Parody

For the second episode of their 321 Fight series, College Humor appropriately pinned the Republican nominee Mitt Romney against the president Barack Obama. The


Mr. Burns Endorses Mitt Romney

Everyone knows that Mr. Burns is the rich old mean guy who owns the power plant in the popular ANIMATION on FOX show


Little Girl Cries That She Is Tired Of Barack Obama And Mitt Romney

By now, everyone is sick of the election. The people who are into politics knew who they were voting for


Joss Whedon Romney Zombie Apocalypse Political Ad Parody

World famous Hollywood movie director Joss Whedon, best known for recently working on The Avengers, has stepped into the political boxing


Third Presidential Debate Songified Auto Tune Remix

The presidential debates are finally over, so the Internet famous Gregory Brothers can finally stop 'songifying' them. And they've gone


Jimmy Kimmel Asks Fools Who Won The Presidential Debate Before The Actual Debate

In sync with the current politic excitement, Jimmy Kimmel wondered what reactions he would receive if he sent a camera crew to the


Town Hall Presidential Debate Songified Auto Tune Remix

The Gregory Brother stayed up all night 'songifying' the oral duels of the first presidential debate and the vice-presidential debate, Naturally, the remixes went viral. As