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OneRepublic Medley

Popular YouTube musician and producer KurtHugoSchneider has returned to the web with his latest cover video with collaboration from The Royal Sons. Together, they perform


Black’s Friday And Nyan Cat Piano Mix

 lara6683 mixed two of the Internet's most recent big memes together. She took the infamous catchy Nyan Cat tune and mixed


Epic A Cappella Pop Mix

The A Cappella group, The Blanks, perform an amazing pop music mix. They remix hit songs like Teenage Dream, Dynamite, Duck


Epic Mix Of Online Musicians Playing Radiohead Paranoid Android

Over thirty YouTube musicians all playing Radiohead's Paranoid Android were mixed into one epic video. Even though they all played


Passover A Cappella Pop Mix Spoofs Usher And Kesha

Jewish a cappella parodies of pop music are expected around every Jewish holiday at this point in the Internet. First, the Hanuka song


March Fail Mix

Every month now, people make compilations of all the greatest fails that have been traversing the web. Here's is March's


One Man Disney Movie Singing Mix Medley

Nick Pitera sings a medley mixing different characters and different classic movies into one epic Disney mix. He sings music


100 More Greatest Movie Insults

After the first 100 greatest movie insults of all time, people were hungry for more. So here are 100 more.


Scottish Grandma Swearing Compilation

Granny sounds awesome with her thick Scottish accent. Get outta my face for freaks sake!  


People Are Awesome – Compilation Of Viral Videos Of People Doing Amazing Things

Viral videos such as the super far basketballs shots, wheelchair flips, tweener tennis shots and more are mixed together to


Cher Lloyd No Diggity Shout Mash Up- The X Factor Live 10/23/10

Cher Lloyd wears her hair crazy and sings the classic 1990's song No Diggity mixed with Shout. Weird mash up


Old Spice Guy Grover Mash Up Mix Comparison – Smell Like A Monster Man

Compare the original Isaiah Mustafa Old Spice Guy commercial with the new Sesame Street Grover Parody.