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Nailed It

21 August, 2019

Dogs Herding Ducks

20 August, 2019


Monkey Grooms Puppy Pal

Monkey Grooms Puppy Pal

[rumble][/rumble] Friends of us at a game lodge owns this little monkey. They bought a Bull Terrier puppy from us

Monkey vandalizes blue car video

Malaysian Monkey Vandalizes Car

Monkey Vandalizes Blue Car What a strange video we have for the world today. This clip shows us a Malaysian


Monkey Haircut

This barber goes apeshit!


Chimpanzee Doesn’t Care About His Visitors At All

This chimpanzee is fed up with everyone staring at his behavior, and decides to takes matters into his own hands.


Orangutan Is Mesmerized By Pregnant Woman’s Baby Bump

This video from January is only going viral now with hundreds of thousands of new views. While visiting the orangutan exhibit


Monkey Loses Her Mind Riding Through Car Wash

There are countless videos of children riding through the car wash for their first time. Most of them understandably freak


Gorilla Charges Glass At Zoo

Similar videos such as this one have been posted online before, but it seems it's still a shocking surprise each


Baboon Is Amazed By Man’s Magic Trick

It's hard to be original on the Internet. The Web has already need monkeys freak out over magic tricks before.


Monkeys Steal From Tourists And Hold Their Valuables Ransom For Food

In America, squirrels and raccoons are pretty common wild animals. But in other parts of the world, monkeys can be found


Orangutan Builds Hammock In Zoo Enclosure

Most of us understand that apes and monkeys are some of the most intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom besides for us


Monkey Reacts To Magic Trick

Dan Zaleski was at the zoo at the monkey exhibit when he decided to show a curious ape a very simple


Zoo Guest Shows Gorilla Other Gorillas On His Phone

The way animals react to our high tech world is truly fascinating. Paul Ross was visiting the zoo when he stumbled upon



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