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A Moose Getting Rescued From The Ice

People like Viktor Johannessen are the real heroes! "On our way to the hole, we saw the moose make several


Moose Fight On Front Lawn Of House In Alaskan Suburbs

Most of us are used to seeing squirrels and birds frolic and play in the front yard. Maybe you'll see a deer


Moose Meets Drone In Norway

Norwegian drone enthusiast Kolbjørn Hoseth Larssen was flying his camera equipped drone around the vast wilderness in his home country when he stumbled


Bikers Feed Lost Baby Moose Gatorade

This video from 2012 has only gone viral now.  Barryollerhead and his biker buddies stumbled upon a baby moose on the


Baby Moose Caught In Wooden Fence

Finding a moose on your property in Cariboo, British Columbia isn't that uncommon.  But ShadoHHR and his friends found a baby moose caught


Dog Draws Moose Away From Owners In Alaska

Over centuries of coexisting, malamute and husky dogs have developed an instinct to draw large, dangerous animals away from their


RC Copter With First Person View Camera Encounters A Moose

Norwegian remote control copter enthusiast Eirik Solheim has finally gone viral. He has many first person view videos that he recorded


Man Scares Off Attacking Moose.

For those who have gone camping before, they know what to do if a bear comes in the camp. Group


Moose Walks Right Up To Hunter

These must be good hunters. They stay perfectly still when they see a moose. The moose keeps coming closer and