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Mormon Missionary Parody Of Hello By Adele

Mormon missionaries are famous for being super kind and presentable. That's what makes turning them away at your front door


Mormon Missionary Break Dances With Street Performer

As most people know, when a Mormon grows of age, they are sent out into the world on a mission.


Mormon Missionaries Free Baby Ducklings From Storm Drain

Young Mormons are sent out into the world as missionaries at the age of 18. Thought many people may disagree on


Mormons In The Hood Unexpectedly School Dudes In Basketball Game

Two Mormon missionaries shocked some street basketball players with their unexpected basketball skills. While on mission, the two messengers from


Ryan Gosling Singing And Dancing At 1991 Talent Show

Brand new vintage video published by Rossana Odar has recently surfaced of the now ultra popular actor Ryan Gosling performing as


Epic Black Guy Schools Two Mormons

This video is an old repost from 2007, but it has recently resurfaced and started to go viral again now.


Mormon Woman Speaks Pro Gay Marriage

A Mormon mom explains that if kids are learning to love each other no matter what, then the grown ups