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Man Removes Mustache In Most Painful Ways Possible

Like so many other men, engineering tech nerd Mehdi Sadaghdar grew out his mustache in honor of Movember. Now that December is…

An Astronaut’s Guide To Movember

Chris Hadfield, the Internet's favorite Canadian astronaut, is trending again.  As a fun way to promote and support men's health…

Nick Offerman’s Great Moments In Moustache History

Last year, Made Man and Nick Offerman, most famous from Parks and Rec, went viral with their humorous How To Grow…

How To Kill A Mustache

Movember is finally over. All the patient participants who held off shaving all month can finally get rid of that itchy…

Nick Offerman Explains How To Grow A Moustache

It's that time of year again when the weather starts to get colder, and men stop shaving for November. The…


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