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Honest Trailer Of Gladiator

When it debuted, Gladiator was one of the most successful Roman drama films ever. The action, story, and acting still stand up


Why Hollywood Keeps Making Terrible Sequels

It seems like nearly every movie in theaters is a sequel or remake these days. If Hollywood finds a film


How Captain America: Civil War Should Have Ended

Sick of all the superheroes movies at the box office? If you are, apparently you are alone, as they continue


Honest Trailer Of Finding Nemo

Pixar is returning with another much anticipated sequel, Finding Dory. Now, fans are stuck wondering, will this be a hit like Toy


South Park Perfectly Mocks Marvel Superhero Movies

It's crazy to when you think about it, but there are kids who don't remember a Hollywood that didn't constantly churn


Honest Trailer Of Zootopia

Finally, there's a new animation film that isn't about a princess in a magical fairyland. Zootopia. Screen Junkies gives the popular feature film cartoon


Honest Trailer Of Wreck-It Ralph

For years, Hollywood has been struggling to make a movie based on a video game that was actually good. Finally,


Every Movie Trailer Is The Same

Ever get the feeling of deja vu while watching the trailers before your movie starts? It's like every trailer follows the


How Batman VS Superman Should Have Ended

Apparently, viewers aren't yet tired of all the superhero movies. As long as Hollywood continues to cram more and more


Everything Wrong With Star Wars The Force Awakens

Without a doubt, Star Wars The Force Awakens was the biggest film of 2015, and one of the most anticipated


Captain America’s Biggest Flaw

Captain America is an all American hero. He's stands for everything that makes America great. But movie critic Desmond Drake noticed that while


Honest Trailer Of Disney’s Original The Jungle Book

Just when you thought Hollywood had rebooted all of the originals enough times and had run out of ammunition they