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Kids React To Eminem

The golden days when every kid on the block wanted to be Eminem are long gone, new rap gods have…

Hollywood Stunt Falls in Slow Motion

When you're watching a movie, you usually don't see the blood, sweat and tears that go into every stunt. You…

Must. Protect. Leo.

Dog is totally into the famous Leonardo Di Caprio flick. [embed][/embed]

The Best Movie Ever?!

You can't go wrong with emotional emoji! [embed][/embed]

Don’t Go And See Valerian

The Valerian movie is just insanely weird. [embed][/embed]

Biggest Emoji Fan Goes To The Emoji Movie Premiere

If you think emoji are cool, you can't miss the very first screening of The Emoji Movie. [embed][/embed]

Dunkirk Survivor Is So Sweet

War veteran causes quite the stir at a Dunkirk premiere, he is so emotional and proud! [embed][/embed]

Honest Trailers – Catwoman

I can't ignore¬†Catwoman from¬†the Honest Trailers series, as they've done an awesome job once again. Good luck watching the movie…

10 Movie Mistakes That Even Digital Effects Couldn’t Save

CGI and special effects is cool and all, but you still have to put in some effort to get the…

What If Every Wolverine Movie Was Like Logan?!

This Wolverine Trilogy Edition puts an end to all previous (might we say lame?) episodes. Every movie is just like…

Logan Is Amazingly Good But This Parody Trailer Is Even Better

Logan is doing a great job in box-offices worldwide, while being praised by movie buffs at the same time. It's…

Doctor Who Is Back In This Exciting Trailer

The latest trailer for Doctor Who is in and we are siked! Okay, it's only a measly minute long, but…


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