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The Movie References In ‘La La Land’

Haven't seen it yet, but everybody praises it. So it's no wonder that this compilation by Sara Preciado got over


Film Student Lets His Phone Be Stolen To Make A Movie Out Of It

An interesting experiment by Anthony van der Meer got viral recently, with over 400,000 views within the last two days.


Honest Trailers – Independence Day: Resurgence

Oh man... These honest trailers always remind me, what movies I haven't gotten around to see yet. But I remember


Doctor Strange: All Hidden Easter Eggs

Did you see "Doctor Strange" yet? I haven't gotten to it, but I heard it would be good. Mr Sunday

The LEGO Movie Song Metal Cover

Everything is awesome! This metal cover by Leo Moracchioli, too. He kind of improved the original by Tegan and Sara


Monty Python and the Holy Grail Recut as a Crazy Intense Drama

Bobby Burns and Dustin McLean from CineFix have gotten Monty Pythons "Holy Grail" a new twist. If you cut the


Honest Trailer Of Gladiator

When it debuted, Gladiator was one of the most successful Roman drama films ever. The action, story, and acting still stand up


Seth Rogen Pranks Grocery Shoppers With Talking Food

Comedian Seth Rogen has literally made history with his new animated film Sausage Party. It is the first CGI cartoon


Misery Business By Paramore Sung The Movies

Who has the time for this? Apparently someone. The Unusual Suspect went through countless movies to create this compilation in which the


Why Hollywood Keeps Making Terrible Sequels

It seems like nearly every movie in theaters is a sequel or remake these days. If Hollywood finds a film


How Captain America: Civil War Should Have Ended

Sick of all the superheroes movies at the box office? If you are, apparently you are alone, as they continue


How Much Everyone Working On a Blockbuster Hollywood Movie Makes

Today, a big blockbuster movies costs hundreds of millions of dollars to make. Have you ever wondered how that big