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What Marvel Movies Really Look Like Without Special Effects

Marvel movies have taken over the world and people who haven't seen at least one movie out of the Marvel…

Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal

Do you think you know Ryan Gosling? Think again. You know that story where everyone in the world likes cereal.…

Doctors Diagnose The Injuries In Home Alone

It's that time of the year again: binge-watching Home Alone season! These doctors shed some light on the injuries that…

Smuggling Your Own Food Into Cinemas Like A Pro

Okay, so you've gotten past the entrance and ticket control, now what? How are you going to eat the delicious…

We’re All Invited Inside Iron Man’s Home

Ever wondered how much of a man cave Robert Downey Jr. inhabits? This is your chance to find out! [embed][/embed]

Undercover Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan reveals his deepest feelings, anonymously. The Martial Arts movie star, famous for movies like Rush Hour (not available on…

Life Isn’t Always Easy, Don’t Expect Too Much

Life is definitely not what you expect of it. [embed][/embed]

A Very Honest Trailer For Aliens

The movie Aliens couldn't be ignored any longer, and the latest installment of Honest Trailers is well-deserved. [embed][/embed]

La La Land: The Honest Trailer

La La Land sure lived up to its trailer, but these guys made an even better one.

Some Movie Bloopers Are Just Too Good To Delete

Sometimes we wish movie directors would just keep the blooper reel, it would make for such amazing movies!

What Movie Stars Look Like According To A Blind Man

When you can't see them, you can only really judge them based on what you hear from them and from…

What Can We Really Make From All Those Fictional Languages?

We all know the movies or TV shows with the fictional languages like Avatar or Game of Thrones. They're subtitled,…


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