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20 January, 2020



Will Smith Is Awesome In This Trailer From The Matrix

I mean Keanu Reeves is alright, but we really want Will Smith right? He was actually close to getting the


What If Every Wolverine Movie Was Like Logan?!

This Wolverine Trilogy Edition puts an end to all previous (might we say lame?) episodes. Every movie is just like


When IT Is The Cat In The Hat… It’s Even Scarier?!

You have to be a real scary pants to be scared by the Cat in the Hat. But in this


We’re Still Cooling Down From April Fools Day, This Does Not Help

Even the most famous actors and actresses feel the need to prank each other sometimes. Watch some of your favorite


Ryan Reynolds And Jake Gyllenhaal Deal With Google’s Very Honest Autocomplete Function

Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal are two of the best actors right now, and even in random interviews they give


The Upcoming Power Rangers Movie Is Definitely A Bad Idea And This Trailer Shows Us Why

The reboot of the once so powerful Power Rangers are made possible by some people lusting for extra cash, so


These Five Animated Movies Look Different In Every Country

We all know and love Pixar and Disney productions, as they take great care in engaging the audience and showing


Even The Most Expensive Movies Are Full Of Bloopers You Never Get To See

Watch this to see some of your favorite actors laugh when they should be serious, even when there are millions


This Nerf John Wick Video Gets On Your Nerves, In A Good Way

We all know John Wick The Movie, which is both tremendously exciting and features a lot of good action. You would

The Meaning Of Chess in Movies Explained

Filmmakers are always looking of ways to create layers in their movies. Whether it are props, dialogue or farfetched metaphors,


Mr Bean Trailer Recut As A Disturbing Horror Thriller

John Loberger knows full well that anything that is funny and sweet in an awkward way, may just as well be


Disney Classic The Beauty and the Beast get the honest treatment

With Emma Watson's new adaptation of the old Disney classic The Beauty and the Beast coming out in 2 days,



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