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Adele’s Hello Merged With Mozart’s Lacrimosa Is Perfection

Classical YouTube musicians The Piano Guys are already famous online for their gorgeous music. But now they have truly upped the game.…

Guy Performs Hilarious Choreographed Dance To Mozart

Around the world, Mozart is considered one of the most iconic and prestigious forms of classical music. But this is…

Inspiring Super Fast Mozart Rap

There are few rappers out there who can compete with Mac Lethal's super fast tongue. How does he talk to fast? After…

Mozart Time Traveling Cop

Out of this world Fox TV show Animation Domination High-Def truly lives up to their name with their latest YouTube video, titled Mozart…

Mozart vs Skrillex Epic Rap Battles Of History

The web seems to never tire of the popular rap showdown Epic Rap Battles Of History. In the latest duel, timeless…



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