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Al Sharpton Versus The Teleprompter Supercut

These days news anchors really have no excuse. They are literally spoon fed exactly what to say and when by


MSNBC Interrupts Congresswoman To Report On Justin Bieber Arrest

It really doesn't matter what channel you watch to affirm your political views, it seems all of the cable news


Russell Brand on MSNBC Morning Joe

This segment of MSNBC's Morning Joe show featuring British comedian Russell Brand has gone viral. In the video, Russell throws


Barney Frank Farts On TV

This juvenile video of Barney Frank on MSNBC surprisingly went viral, because for a moment there is a sound that


Joe Biden In 2007: If Obama Went To War Without Congress Approval, I Would Move To Impeach

Both sides of the political spectrum were upset before America intervened in Libya. Some on both sides wanted America to


Keith Olbermann Closing Speech Leaving MSNBC

Keith Olbermann abruptly decided to leave MSNBC, coincidentally right after Comcast bought NBC. There are obvious business politics behind the