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Chicken Plays Patriotic Tune On Keyboard

Did you know chickens can be musically gifted as well? This patriotic chicken goes for national fame in America's Got…

Haddaway – What Is Love (Animal Cover)

"Baby, don't hurt me!" This animal cover is pretty dope, but it definitely isn't easy on the ears... [embed][/embed]

Grated Cheese With Style

Grated cheese has never tasted this good, I promise.

How Every Twenty One Pilots Song Is Written

The secret behind every song Twenty One Pilots ever wrote is now revealed, this is how where they base all…

How I Woke Up My Wife On Her Birthday

This is one of the most special ways to wake up your wife on her birthday, way to go dude!…

How Every Nickelback Song Is Written

Writing a Nickelback song is easy, you can do it yourself! Watch this to know how.

Kermit The Frog Is Smooth As Hell In This Music Video

R.Kelly's Ignition is a smooth song for sure, but Kermit brings it to a whole new level of slickness.

Don’t stop believing 

How To Write A Chainsmokers Song

This guy knows every secret there is about songwriting, especially for the Chainsmokers.

Piano Keyboard Gets Played By The Mozart Among Chickens

Playing the piano is often just for a few child prodigies, playing the piano really well that is. Regular playing…

Who Knew Cows LOVE Jazz?

Cows are smart and sensible animals, we know that. But what if I told you they go through the roof…

Play That Funky Music, White Boy


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