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Midget Lip Sync Singing Teenage Dream By Katy Perry

This little dude rocks out to Katy Perry's new hit single Teenage Dream. He doesn't care about the haters and


Backin Up Song – Auto Tune The News – Eccentric Woman Buying Coffee Retells Robbery At Gas Station

Already Auto tune the news has a song for the funny eccentric woman who tells the story of a gas


Lazy J & Big Guy Sing, Rap R&B – The X Factor Australia

Lazy J & Big Guy are a rapping R&B duo. The crowd loves them and even the judges give them


Monster High Fright Song Music Video

I know! Let's take a famous, successful theme that Michael Jackson used for thriller, but a pop beat to it


Katy Perry – Teenage Dream Acoustic Cover

This Asian kid is a singing god. Step aside Katy. Also, I'd rather have this song pumping on every radio station


Loomis & The Lust – A.D.D Music Video

Music Video cutting into almost every TV show you can imagine.


Korean Kid Dancing To SHINee South Korean Pop Boy Band

Who said just American kids like to watch and dance to pop boy bands? This cute little Korean kid watches


Classic Epic 1980’s Wendy’s Training Video

This is a classic video from 1989. This is Bill's first day working at Wendy's and he is lucky to


Official Antoine Dodson Bed Intruder Song On iTunes

This is the FULL official Antoine Dodson Bed Intruder song now available on iTunes.  


Washing Machine Sounds Like Drums

Washing machine plays a pretty good drum beat caught on video.  


Not Like The Movies – Official Katy Perry Music Lyrics Video

Lyrics for Katy Perry's new 2010 summer single that starts 'He put it on me, I put it on.' Chorus: 'If


Arc Attack Performs Electric Iron Man Show – America’s Got Talent, Top 48

The music comes from the electricity. The guitar and instruments make music with pure electricity. The audience is amazed. The