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Make The Homeless Smile In New York City

Popular YouTubers Sheikh Akbar and Adam Saleh of TrueStoryASA decided to change things up with their latest video. Instead of making a fun,


11-Year-Old Yemeni Girl Nada Al-Ahdal Flees Home to Avoid Forced Marriage

Middle East extremists watchdog group MEMRITVVideos has instantly gone viralviral with this new eye-opening video that has garnered over two million


One Wish In Jerusalem

Arguably the most famous city in the world, Jerusalem is home to three great religions and countless forms of faith, nationality, and


Crash Course History Of Islam

This somewhat lengthy educational video hosted by John Green, most famous from the Vlog Brothers channel, has instantly started to trend. History


Libyans Destroy Christian Cemetery From WWII

This video of a mob of Libyans desecrating a Christian cemetery in Libya just went viral this morning. The video is titled


Religious People Are Nerds

Nerds are people who are way too obsessed with something than they should be. Like people who dressed up in


German Woman Speaks Out Against Radical Islam In Frankfurt

In Frankfurt, Germany, a radical Muslim cleric was giving a speech at a Muslim rally. One German woman couldn't keep


Pastor Terry Jones Burns Koran

The Muslim world is outraged, because one man burned one book. The book happened to have Arabic written on it


Muslim Praying On His Cab Trunk

In New York City, everything has been done before. But this is still random and cool. A taxi driver prays on


College Classroom Explains That America Is Acting As Terrorist

As Ron Paul has been saying for decades now, perhaps the backlash of Arab countries at the west is our


Indonesian Minister Michelle Obama Handshake

Our world is so PC is pathetic. It's against the Indonesian minister's religion to shake hands with a woman. But


Muslim Women Trying To Eat Spaghetti Wearing Burqa Face Covering

This is why Italian restaurants failed in Dubia. Muslim women try to eat Italian Spaghetti wearing the Burqa. How do