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American Facial Hair Throughout History

America may be one of the youngest nations in the world, but it has a vast history. Popular culture in


Silly Dad Puts Fake Facial Hair On Baby’s Face

Perfect Daddy is a brand new dad and is already living up to his role. He admits while mom was away


Man Removes Mustache In Most Painful Ways Possible

Like so many other men, engineering tech nerd Mehdi Sadaghdar grew out his mustache in honor of Movember. Now that December is


Homeless Man With Dancing Mustache Talent

Remember the viralviral video of the girl with a funny talent who could make her eyebrows dance? That video amazingly


How To Kill A Mustache

Movember is finally over. All the patient participants who held off shaving all month can finally get rid of that itchy


Nick Offerman Movember Pep Talk: Your Mustache Will Get Fuller

Nick Offerman went viral three weeks ago promoting Movember and Made Man. Now, he and other famous faces from NBC's The


One Man Mustache Lip Sync To Rihanna Where Have You Been

Mattstache, the unique lip sync artist who went viral last February 'singing' Turn Me On by David Guetta is back


One Man Mustache Cover Of David Guetta – Turn Me On ft. Nicki Minaj

This epic lip sync music video was just posted on Reddit, and has subsequently spread across the 'net, being featured