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Alan Rickman Narrates A Tortoise Eating A Berry

As everyone already sadly knows, Alan Rickman, famous for acting as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series, just passed away.…

Sir David Attenborough Narrates Adele’s Hello

You have probably heard his voice before on a nature show without realizing it was him. Sir David Attenborough is a…

If You’re In A Shell Interpretive Dance

Life is difficult when you're shy.  Harry was shy his entire childhood because he was different. Then he found theater…

Mike Rowe Dramatically Narrates Old, Boring Family Video In ‘Mike Rowe My Life’

Dirty Jobs famous Mike Rowe received a letter from his dedicated fan Janice. She admitted her life is beyond boring, but was…

Christopher Walken Narrates Legend Of Zelda Walkthrough

GameSocietyFilms and voice actor Jason Stephens have an on going series where Jason imitates famous Christopher Walken narrating old video game walkthroughs. They…

Kid Narrates Girls Hurdling Fails

This kid was born to be an announcer. I wonder how he got his hands on the footage of the…


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