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NASA Found Seven New Earth-Sized Planets

Groundbreaking stuff! "Seven Earth-sized planets have been observed by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope around a tiny, nearby, ultra-cool dwarf star


38 Facts About NASA

Some not that useful but interesting knowledge presented by Mental Floss about NASA. "This week, Mike shares some facts about


International Space Station Fly-Through

NASA has gathered over 500.000 views with this very interesting fly-through (in 4K fisheye) on the ISS. Within 18 minutes


Astronaut ice cream is a lie

If you've ever gone to a science museum as a kid, you've most likely seen so called astronaut ice cream


NASA Scientist Reviews The Martian

All science fiction is, well, fiction, but we love it because it is supposed to be in someway possible perhaps


NASA Explains The Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

You have no doubt heard about the rare supermoon lunar eclipse that took place last night. Not only was the


Dropping An Effervescent Pill In Floating Water Bubble In Space

The best part about being an astronaut is performing science experiments that would otherwise be impossible. On Earth, countless people drop


NASA’s Timelapse Of The Sun Is Stunning

For five long years now, NASA has been recording the sun in unprecedented detail. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory is able to record


NASA Spoofs ‘All About That Bass’ With ‘All About That Space’

Meghan Trainor's hit single All About That Bass has become one of the defining songs of 2014. There have been countless parodies


Dropping A Bowling Ball And Feathers In A Perfect Vacuum Proves Science

Brian Cox of the BBC had the incredible opportunity to visit NASA’s Space Power Facility in Ohio to see the world's largest vacuum


NASA Pumpkin Carving Contest For 2014

Every year, the super nerds at NASA blow off some steam by holding a pumpkin carving contest for Halloween. But these


Antares NASA Rocket Explodes At Liftoff

A NASA rocket holding food, water, and supplies heading for the International Space Station exploded just a few moments after