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7-11 Slurpee Dance Dubstep Commercial

To promote their annual free Slurpee giveaway on the 11th of July, 7-11 commissioned YouTube famous Nathan Barnatt to take the


Arnold Schwarzenegger YouTube Comedy Week Commercial

In case you haven't already seen promotions strewn across the web, YouTube is hosting their first, official YouTube Comedy Week.


Sneezing On People Prank

It seems like every year the flu virus is the strongest and most dangerous ever! But that's what 'they' said


Turkey Hunting In Public Prank

Off the wall YouTuber Nathan J Barnatt is best known for his out of this world antics, pranks, and public humiliations. For


Driving Like Vince Diesel Hanging Out The Window Music Video

Nathan j Barnatt is one of the Internet's more strange personalities. But just when you thought he couldn't get any weirder


Flo Rida Let It Roll Music Video With Keith Apicary

Eccentric video game nerd and dancer Keith Apicary, played by popular YouTuber Nathan Barnatt, is only growing more and more popular online. 


Eccentric Dancer Keith Apicary Auditions For Kimberly Cole Music Video

YouTuber Nathan J Barnatt's most famous character Keith Apicary is best known for his amazingly eccentric dance moves that seriously clash with his