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Jaguar Attacks Crocodile

House cats are known to dislike the water, but National Geographic explains that the great jaguar doesn't seem to mind the wet


Jesus Christ Lizard Can Literally Walk On Water

The Jesus Christ Lizard is aptly nick-named for its Christ-like ability, reports The National Geographic. That is, it can quite literally walk


Emergency Concrete Canvas Tent

This new video featuring the new technology of a concrete tent by National Geographic has gone viral, amassing over 350,000 hits


Wolverine Digs Out And Rescues Man Trapped By Avalanche

Wolverines have a bad reputation as being violent beasts, most likely as a result of being associated with Wolverine the


Giant Tornado Crosses Kansas Highway 4/14/2012

The National Geographic brings us this powerful video of a Hollywood size tornado crossing a Kansas highway from April 4, 2012. Tim


CGI Of How Titanic Sank By James Cameron

The NationalGeographic teamed up with world famous director and screenwriter James Cameron to bring a new Titanic special. In this sneak


How Funyuns Are Made

Did you ever stop think where the name 'Funyun' comes from? It's quite simple really; they're fun and onion flavored,


Typical Person – National Geographic

There are seven billion people in the world. So what does a typical, average person look like? Is it a