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Hidden Adult Jokes In Popular Disney Films

For a while now there have been a few pictures purportedly from popular Disney movies that contain inappropriate secret, subliminal…


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Naughty guy gets owned by girl

Guy Tests Out Bidet For First Time, Records Ridiculous Reaction

Like so many Americans, Johnnynapalm2001 was terribly curious about the European-popular bathroom cleansing device called the bidet. But now that the shame…

Family Feud – Something You Put In Your Mouth But Don’t Swallow

Ever since Steve Harvey took over as the host for the long time running Family Feud game show, the questions…

Grandpa Leaves Strange Video Will

This video from July just went viral now, but is most likely fake. Grandpa decided to leave a couple last…

Tug Toner Jimmy Kimmel Shake Weight Spoof

The Shake Weight was parody gold for comedians on all spectrums when it came out last year. Late night TV loved…

X Factor Contestant Dances With Pants Down

As standard, the new X Factor season premiere opened with many amazing, beautiful performances. But there were also many goofy, stupid Fail performances. Geo…

Playboy Bunnies Surprise Weatherman During Report

Weatherman Jim Ramsey was acting as a fill in on WGN when all of a sudden, two Playboy Bunnies cut in…

When Girls Say Let’s Just Be Friends Music Video

When a dude is trying to get close to a girl, there is nothing more crushing than hearing, "Let's just…

Funny Sheet Energy Strip Commercial

With a product name like 'Sheet,' it's not that hard to think up a funny pun that would fit oh…


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