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World War II Veteran Retells The Story When He Discovered He Was A European Legend

This lengthy video was posted nearly two years ago, but has gone viral in honor of Veterans Day. World War…

Kung Fury Movie Trailer

This new trailer for the film Kung Fury by Laser Unicorns has gone viral. The movie is an over the top, cheesy…

First Person View World War II Short Film

There's no question World War II and D-Day are some of the most popular events in recent history. Now, YouTube…

Drive Safe PSA Ends With A Twist

Did you know that driving just 60 mph instead of 65 mph, you gain an addition 100 feet of stopping…

Movie Villain Medley Parodies Lady Gaga Songs

Youtuber Paint made a bunch of parodies of famous Lady Gaga songs, all with the theme of movie villains. He covers The…

Inglourious Bastards My Little Pony Mash Up Trailer

Remember the mash up of My Little Pony and The Dark Knight? Well the same guy, BronyVids, brings you a…

European Map 10 Centuries Of History

Europe had a lot of changes in 1,000 years. The Nazis take control at about 4:50.



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