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Terrifying Twin Tornadoes In Pilger, Nebraska

While most people are hunkering down in their basements and running away from the storms, the daredevils of Storm Chasing Video go after…

Nebraska Huskers Coach Pranks Team

As a fun way to tell his boys that they would be enjoying a movie night instead of a second…

Boy Battling Cancer Scores Touchdown At Nebraska Spring Game

Seven year old Jack Hoffman of Atkinson, Nebraska is not your everyday boy. For one thing, he is battling brain…

Crazy Nebraska Woman Make Anti-Gay Rant At Public Hearing

The great part about democracy is that everyone gets a say. And the bad part about democracy is that everyone…

344 Volunteers Pick Up And Move Huge Barn

This vintage newscast was posted in 2010, and is still growing in popularity. An old 17,000 pound barn needed to…



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