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James Corden Does A Broadway Riff-Off w/ Neil Patrick Harris

You just HAVE to love Neil Patrick Harris! Everything he is involved in gets entertaining. Like this 10-minute-piece at The


Neil Patrick Harris Answers 73 Questions

This recent upload by Vogue went viral, showing the charismatic actor Neil Patrick Harris in their segment "73 Questions With...".


Neil Patrick Harris And Jason Segel Sing “Confrontation” From Les Miserables

How I Met Your Mother's Neil Patrick Harris And Jason Segel were asked by an acting student on Inside the Actors Studio


Tony Awards 2013 Opening Number With Neil Patrick Harris And Mike Tyson

The Tony Awards were held over the weekend, and popular Neil Patrick Harris sang the opening number. It is as


Neil’s Puppet Dreams And Nathan Fillion In Doctor’s Office

Ultra popular Neil Patrick Harris teamed up with Nerdist, and debuted their new collaborated web series Neil's Puppet Dreams. The premiere episode is only


Neil Patrick Harris Puppet Dreams The Lullabye

Neil Patrick Harris and the Nerdist have teamed up to bring the web a new series, Neil's Puppet Dreams. The debut episode features


How I Met Your Mother Explained Under A Minute

How I Met Your Mother started out back in 2005, and wooed fans with its awesome cast and story. But


Neil Patrick Harris Opening Act At Tony Awards 2012

Actor Neil Patrick Harris is an Internet favorite. And for good reason. The openly gay How I Met Your Mother star


Dry Teenage Magician-Comedian Kyle Eschen Performs At World Magic Awards

Stand up comedy is hard enough, but mixing dry, awkward, yet intellectually stimulating humor with magic is a level few can attain.


Neil Patrick Harris Gay Song And Rap Song At Tony Awards 2011

Neil Patrick Harris opened for the 2011 Tony Awards, and did what he does best. He sang and dances about