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Cheerios Bee Meets Rapper Nelly Commercial

Just back in May, Cheerios went viral with their controversial advertisement garnering over four million views! Now, the famous cereal brand is trending…

NSYNC’s Girlfriend Mashed Up With Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend

Mash up artist RaheemdaplayaO4 noticed that NSYNC's 2002 hit single Girlfriend was a good match for Justin Bieber's Boyfriend, which was ironically…

Gentleman’s Rule A Cappella Group Mashes Up Pachelbel’s Canon Wedding Song With Nelly’s Ride Wit Me

Pachelbel's Canon is one of the most famous wedding tunes, but sometimes even a classic like Canon can get old. To…

Just A Dream Cover

Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie cover Nelly's hit Just A Dream. They might be better than Nelly. Wow.  



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