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Game Of Thrones Fanboys

Look at these geeks at their Game of Thrones meet and greet! Oh wait...

Too Scientific For You

When you're just not on the same level as a scientist near you.

Because using a laptop in your bed is too mainstream

Drone Does The Best Trick Shots!

Technology is everywhere today. So let's use it in a useful way and make a drone score some insane trick…


Linux Is Like A Wigwam

Eating Alone


Don’t Mix Electricity And Water! Let These Guys Do It For You!

Practically everyone knows electricity and water together is not a very good idea. These guys do as well, but yeah,…

The Typewriter Orchestra Rocks

These guys from Boston aren't your typical nerds. Even nerds would think these men are something else. But their music…

Watch The World And Learn

Great Invention, Sir


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