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Beautiful Day Outside

I Am Immune To Your Sarcasm

Bazinga! You’re A Nerd!

Dude Perfect Have A Virtual Reality Battle

It is like the guys from Dude Perfect have an ongoing video battle. This one is one of the favorites…

How Small Are We In The Scale Of The Universe?

Interesting talk by Alex Hofeldt for TED-Ed, animated by Bliink and already at around 300,000 views. "In 1995, scientists pointed…

Can You Solve The Lotus Box Puzzle?

Over 270,000 people have seen this video by FLEB showing us another interesting puzzle - and the way to solve…

Mega Man In 24,922 Dominoes

Cool little domino setting with a Mega Man motive by TheDominoKing. Four days of work went into this video. "I’ve…

101 Facts About DC Comics

Another run of "you probably don't know this all!" by 101facts. "The Justice League. The Suicide Squad. The Legends of…

The Map Of Mathematics

If you want to up your nerd-level, just watch this video by Dominic Walliman about the different fields of math.…

Playing Portal In Augmented Reality With HoloLens

Cool adaptation by KennyWdev who got over 400,000 views - and probably people who wish for a version like this…

Epic Nerd Beatbox In The Hood

BigDawsTv totally destroy the street with their epic beatboxing - resulting in over 1.4 million views already. Who says Nerds…

How to Open A Tough Jar

Quinton is such a wise man! He not only knows how to open really jammed jars, no, he knows his…



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