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Bear Walking On Hind Legs Like Yogi Bear

Many bears can stand on their hind legs for a moment or two, but can't walk around like that. Except


Street Surfing In New Jersey

As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. So when the the streets of the New Jersey town Longport were


Family Of Bears Take Over Backyard Swimming Pool

Most people don't realize just how close bears live to society. One New Jersey family found this out when they


Semi Truck Slips On Ice, Just Misses Hitting Car

Mr Legolize was driving on the I-95 New Jersey Turnpike when two trucks crashed in front of him blocking all of the


Bears Get In A Fight In New Jersey Town

Seeing a bear strolling through your town is shocking enough. Sure, it's rare, but it happens. They usually make their


Governor Chris Christie And Jimmy Fallon Perform Evolution Of Dad Dancing

Two years ago, Jimmy Fallon introduced his hilarious Father's day-themed parody of the Web famous viral video Evolution of Dance. Now, Jimmy


Brave New Jersey Woman Confronts Black Bear, Explains Bluff Charge

Bears have a bad name, and Bear3360 wants to change all that. She explains that most people think bears are dangerous, aggressive animals,


Train Transporting Orange Juice From Florida To New Jersey Time Lapse

In a genius marketing move, GE published this time lapse video of one of their trains pulling Tropicana orange juice from


Governor Christie And Mayor Booker: I Got This

Both Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey and Mayor Cory Booker of Newark are very popular even though they are on


Seven Year Old Pizza Tosser In Jersey

Carmines Pizza Factory prides themselves for their authentic pizza experience. The owner of the pizza shop, Carmine Testa, just taught his seven year


Red Light Crashes In New Jersey Compilation

Like every company, American Traffic Solutions wants to use YouTube to their advantage. As they are a company that sells red light


New Jersey Politicians – It Gets Better

Everyday it seems there's another horror story of a kid committing suicide because their peers torment and bully them so much. They