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Policeman Dances The Wobble At Mardi Gras

This video posted by Facebook user Ginger Morris has gone viral with over 200,000 Facebook shares and over 350,000 hits on YouTube. 


New Orleans Blues Cover Of Sweet Child O’ Mine Will Blow You Away

ScottBradlee and the Postmodern Jukebox just recently went viral with their catchy doo-wop cover of Timber.  Now, they have already returned to


Three Legged Alligator Interrupts Zurich Classic Golf Competition

At the start of last weekend, the official PGA Tour YouTube channel published this video from the Zurich Classic golf competition. While players


Lenny Kravitz Joins Choir Singing Fly Away On Streets Of New Orleans

This video by the one and only Lenny Kravitz was posted online in 2010, but has recently benefited from a second viral surge


Samuel L. Jackson Introduces Clippers And Hornets

Even though he didn't use any of the famous swear words in his arsenal, famous actor Samuel L. Jackson has gone


Will Ferrell Introduces Chicago Bulls In New Orleans

Will Ferrell is always a great source of viral videos, and the popular comedian is back at it again. This


Classic Seth Green Cha Ching Commercial Goes Viral

In New Orleans, 1992, the hottest line going around was, 'Cha-Ching!' It all started from Seth Green's first commercial for