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Hawk Cam Captures Stunning Footage Of The Hunt

The hawk is one of the most feared birds of prey in the wild. Other smaller birds can easily become


How Does New York City Get All Its Water

Everything in New York City is a complicated, big deal. In most small towns around the world, their water works


New York Times Takes Second Graders To One Of New York’s Fanciest Restaurants

The New York Times has realized that you don't go viral with traditional stories anymore, no matter how interesting or factual


Aboard One Of The Biggest Container Ships In The World

The Mary Maersk is one of the largest ships in the world. The ship is over 1,300 feet long. That's


Where Does New York City’s Trash Go?

Over 8 million people live in the relatively tiny space called New York City. That makes for a lot of


A Fish That Spits With Perfect Aim

The Archerfish gets its name from its impressive spitting abilities. The fish is one of the only creatures in the


‘What Is a Photocopier’ Deposition Is The Most Ridiculous Legal Exchange Ever

In 2010, Ohio's Cuyahoga County Recorder's office was sued for charging $2 a page for photocopies of public documents. During


Playing The World’s Biggest Tetris Game

Tetris is a world famous cultural icon. That's what inspired Drexel University professor Frank Lee to use the lights of


New York Time’s 2013 Year In Review

Like so many others, The New York Times made a special 2013 recap video with a focus on the numbers.  They cover


Etch A Sketch Inventor Tribute

Many famous personalities, celebrities, and musicians passed in 2013. André Cassagnes, the inventor of the iconic Etch A Sketch drawing


The Incredible Physics of Ants

Ants are truly amazing creatures.  The tiny bugs may seem simple enough, but, as The New York Times demonstrates in this new


New York Times Animation Explains How Pumpkin Spice Lattes Are Made With No Actual Pumpkin Anymore

As the web has seen before, pumpkins seem to invade every coffee shop and bakery every November.  But, The New York