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Squirrel Steals Milkshake From Trash

Just yesterday, the Internet exploded when a subway commuter captured a large rat carrying a slice of pizza down the


Surprise Ballroom Dancing In Manhattan Crosswalk Prank

The street crosswalks in Manhattan are arguably the busiest in America, and one of the most congested in the world. That gave Improv Everywhere a


Break Dancers Perform Ballet In New York Park

In New York City, it is common for a group of musicians or dancers to spontaneously perform in public. As


Guy Loudly Points Out How Awkward It Is After Seeing Couple Making Out On Subway Train

Have you ever been in a crowded public space when two oblivious love birds just start getting frisky in front of


NYPD Officer Dances With Guy At NYC Gay Pride Parade

The NYPD has a pretty bad name online as there are countless controversies and online video featuring corrupt and abusive officers.


New Yorkers And Angelenos Imitate Each Other

There are few rivalries in the world as strong as the West Coast and the East Coast. Naturally, New York


Official Time Lapse One World Trade Center Being Built

The brand new World Trade Center built to replace the Twins Towers that were destroyed on September 11, 2001 began


Groundskeepers Turn Into Acrobats In Manhattan Park

In New York City, even a boring day at the park can turn out to be a crazy adventure. Improv Everywhere sent


Starbucks Manager Freaks Out At Customer Over Cookie Straw

Apparently, this Starbucks manager doesn't know that the customer is always right. When Ruby Chen went to a Starbucks on Broadway in


Jimmy Fallon And U2 Busk In New York City Subway In Disguise

The Internet and media were buzzing when pictures of U2 and Jimmy Fallon busking in the New York City subway hit


Man Buys All Roses Woman Is Selling On The Subway And Tells Her To Give Them All Away

This touching video from 2013 has only gone viral now after being featured on Reddit. YouTuber Maria Lopez was on the 6


Pranksters Throw A Pizza Party On One Lucky NYC Subway Car

Technically, you're not supposed to eat in the subway. But it's one of those rules that most people ignore. As