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Angry New Zealand Dairy Farmer Tries To Blow Up His Car At Mall

A cameraman at the Cuba Mall in Wellington, New Zealand recorded an angry dairy farmer attempt to blow up his…

Helicopter Crashes In New Zealand Trying To Put Up Christmas Tree

The helicopter that was installing a Christmas tree in Auckland, New Zealand hit a wire, and dramatically smashed towards the…

Flash Mob Haka Dance In New Zealand Mall

This flash mob in New Zealand was caught on camera by shoppers at the Sylvia Park mall. A small group…

Pinball Machine Skater Board Park

At first glance, this pinball machine looks like any other. It has a spring loaded launcher, flappers, lights, sounds, and…

Airline Destroys Lost Baggage

Ever hear the term 'unclaimed baggage'? Really 'unclaimed  baggage' is just code for 'lost'. No one packs their belongings, spend…

Man Plays Ukulele In Traffic

This short video from 2008 just became popular. It went from no views to thousands. It's a short video of…

Earthquake In Christchurch, New Zealand Live Footage

A 6.3 level Earthquake hit Christchurch, New Zealand on 2/21/11. Building and infrastructure were devastated. Another point of view:

Double Rainbow Vodafone Commercial

Yosemitebear stars in a New Zealand Vodafone commercial cashing in on his Double Rainbow viral video. It's a little late,…

Four Men Jump Through Hula Hoop

The first spins a hoop and as it rolls back they all take turns jumping through before it fall. Just…

New Zealand Couple Force Vandals To Dance While Waiting For Police

Two criminal teenagers in New Zealand are captured by their victims. They force them to dance while they wait for…



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