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Amazon Builds Supermarkets Without Checkouts

I always find it to be somehow curios when online companys tend to do offline business. With "Amazon Go" the

First Look at Nintendo Switch

This video has gotten way too long, the device looks like a PSP but over 400.000 people still hope for


Man And Dog Rescue Then Become Best Friends With Tiny Hummingbird

Rex the dog was just recently adopted when his owner was floored. Instead of eating a bird, Rex decided to rescue


John Oliver: Daily Fantasy Sports

If you've watched any TV or more specifically any sports over the past year, you've no doubt seen ads for


How Ketchup Packets Work In Australia

Adam McDowell posted this video way back in 2009, but it has only virally exploded online now with over 175,000 new


New York Times Revisits The Famous Lady Burned By McDonald’s Coffee Story

Nearly everyone has heard the famous story about Stella Liebeck who accidentally spilled hot McDonald's coffee on her lap from the