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Best News Bloopers Of March 2018

News anchors try so hard to make the news less serious. To make it engaging and emotional. Sometimes they succeed,…

Kindergarten Weather Report

Weather reports are useful, but also pretty boring and straightforward. Why don't we let our kindergarten kids tell us about…

The News Isn’t What It Used To Be

Sure, news is more sensational and flashy than ever. But that doesn't mean it's a full on professional entertainment show.…

Best New Bloopers Of January 2018

Another day of news, another day of news people doing weird stuff. Day after day after day... It's only natural…

A Bad Lip Reading Of Donald Trump

If you follow Trump news, you're guaranteed some frisky oneliners and controversial statements. If you follow content that's being made…

Best News Bloopers Of 2017

I admit, it's a fifteen minute long compilation, but it's so worth it. There were so many news fails this…

2017 In Google Search Terms

In our rapidly globalising and digitalising world, news events pass as quickly as they came. A handy way of tracking…

Bloopers In November

At the newsroom they try everything to fight the declining ratings, so it was naturally to start making more fun…

Best News Bloopers October 2017

The news isn't something that puts a smile on your face these days (was it ever though?), but this compilation…

Halloween News Bloopers

Halloween is a guarantee for spooky times, but there is still reason to smile! [embed][/embed]

Most Embarrassing News Bloopers This Month

News reel full of bloopers > any serious news reel. [embed][/embed]

News Is The New Comedy

Serious reporting is something from the past. [embed][/embed]



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