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Pentatonix – Imagine

This official music video for the Beatles cover to "Imagine" by Pentatonix is trending right now with over a million


Frisbee Keeps Rolling Across A Frozen Lake On A Windy Day

This truly is strangely compelling. M4RKOS2011 gave his frisbee a push and because of the strong winter winds and the


Top Hits Of 2016 In 3 Minute Medley

Another beautiful recap medley of the best songs in 2016 performed by Michael and Carissa Alvarado aka Us The Duo.


Moving Story About A Man Who Found A Fox Who Wouldn’t Leave

What a story! Henry Hoffman met a fox at night who just wouldn't want to leave. With this moving little


How To Make Maple Leaf Roses

Okay, this is an easy one, but looks pretty eat. Rob from "Man vs. Pin" by ThreadBanger shows us how


Nigerian DancingTraffic Cop

Police have a bad reputation everywhere it seems, and the cops know it too. This Nigerian traffic officer wants to


Who’s Nicer, Ellen DeGeneres Or Jimmy Kimmel

Ellen was recently a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and she and Jimmy had a lovely time. They're both just


Megaphone Set Up In Manhattan For People To Say Something Nice

The nice folks at ImprovEverywhere set up a podium with a megaphone in one of the biggest cities in the world. They


Amazing Stop Motion Of 10,000 Photos From All Over California

After a year and a half of working on and off, Ryan Killackey finally pieced together all his photos into one amazing


SpanAir Gives Christmas Presents To Passengers On Luggage

On Christmas eve, SpanAir wanted to do something nice for their passengers flying that night. They decided to make personalized