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Nick Pitera Covers Wide Awake By Katy Perry

Nick Pitera is a popular online cover artist with over 280,000 subscribers. In his latest track, he takes on Katy…

Karmin Brokenhearted Cover By Nick Pitera

YouTube music group may very well be following the footstep of Justin Bieber, the first YouTuber to enter the stardom…

One Man Newsies Medley

Disney's Newsies is considered by most fans as one of their best musicals, and Nick Pitera feels the similarly. "Newsies was one…

One Man Phantom of the Opera Medley Cover

YouTuber Nick Pitera is a professional singer most famous for his viral one man Disney movie medley. He's also a huge…

One Man Disney Movie Singing Mix Medley

Nick Pitera sings a medley mixing different characters and different classic movies into one epic Disney mix. He sings music…



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