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If Star Wars Took Place Today

nigahiga did place THE saga in today and got over two million views on this comedic take within two days.


Holiday Ninjas Secretly Give Homeless Stuff

YouTuber nigahiga and his guys did dress up as ninjas again to bring the homeless some usefull stuff like blankets


Honest Airline Commercial Is So True

We all know that companies portray their products in a much brighter light in the commercials than they really are. That's OK.


If Jeremy Lin Was In Space Jam

It's hard to find a kid who grew up in the 90's who didn't love Looney Tunes and Michael Jordan. Thus,


How To Sing Like Your Favorite Artist Part 2

It was all the way back in 2013, when Ryan Higa posted his hilarious impersonations of countless famous singers and pop stars.


A Logical Look At Police Brutality And Police Hate

There's a lot of hate out there for police these days. And it's no surprise. Over the past few years


Famous YouTube Prankster FouseyTube Gets Pranked

What goes around comes around. Yousef from Fousey Tube is one of YouTube's most famous pranksters. He has over 5.8


How To Be A Rapper

Everyone wants to be a rapper these days. But how to do you break out into the spotlight? Thankfully, Nigahiga explains how


First World Problems Serious PSA Parody

Try as they might to make the 'first world problems' Internet meme a serious issue, viewers still love to laugh


Epic Meal Time Spoof

Epic Meal Time is famous for their dramatic music, using too much bacon, and taking fattening food way too seriously.