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Intelligent Office Chairs That ‘Park’ Themselves Back To Table

Cars are more advanced than ever these days. Scientists, engineers, and legislators are busy preparing forĀ the self driving car revolution.


Nissan Reveals Dirt Repellent Car Paint

Don't you hate having to constantly wash your car? It seems just after you get a car wash the car's


Little Girl’s Reaction To Dad Speeding In Nissan GT-R Is Priceless

Besides for showing off to your friends, the next best thing to do with a super fast Nissan GT-R is


Refine Luxury Commercial For An Old, Beat Up Maxima

The moment the commercial starts, most already know the product will be a luxury car. The proper British voice, the


Surprising Grandma In Nissan GT-R With Launch Control

Duskin TertelingĀ is the proud owner of a Nissan GT-R, one of the fastest street legal cars on the market. After


Nissan Leaf Race Ends With A Surprise

I'll be honest. I consider myself a big nerd. I'm into cars and video games, and even I couldn't tell


Nissan Leaf Polar Bear Commercial

Nissan marketers take a stab at everyone conscious. This polar bear sees his home melting away, so we must leave