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Liquid Nitrogen Freeze-Ray Vs. Flamethrower

It's darn hot out. How how? There are literally fires burning out of control across the States. The Backyard Scientist is sweating…

Filling Giant Balloons With Liquid Nitrogen

Grant Thompson is famous on YouTube as the king of random. He often performs unexpected and outrageous science experiments. For his…

Making Solid Nitrogen

Most people have heard of liquid nitrogen, but what about solid nitrogen? By decreasing the atmospheric pressure, science obsessed channel Veritasium was…

Liquid Nitrogen Explodes In Bottle

Note: Very loud explosion, turn down sound! Liquid nitrogen is nothing to be playing around with, so please do not try…

Putting A Balloon In Liquid Nitrogen

It's time for a science experiment. What happens when you pour liquid nitrogen on a balloon? It shrinks up into…



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