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Let’s Have A Look Inside The Most Unbreakable Phone Ever

Nokia mobile phones were everywhere a decade ago. They were reliable, the battery lasted for centuries and you could play


Crushing A Nokia 3310 With A Hydraulic Press

Will the most robust mobile device of all time survive the hydraulic press? Of course not. And it looks beautiful


Crushing Nokia 3310 With A Hydraulic Press

Back before Apple or Samsung were even in the cellphone game there was one true king in town. Nokia. And


Voldemort’s Final Horcrux Is A Nokia Phone

The Nokia 3310 cellphone is famous as being indestructible. That's exactly the reason why evil the Lord Voldemort put his


Nokia Presents Epic Light Show On Millbank Tower

Millbank Tower is an iconic skyscraper visible for miles in the British night. But on November 28th, it was plunged


Record Breaking Stop Motion Animation Shot With Nokia N8

Nokia has just launched an advertising campaign showing off their new N8 smart phone. The camera has an impressive 12 megapixel camera


Creepy Barbie Commercial For Nokia N8 Pink Phone

Marketers at Nokia decided to go crazy and burn millions of dollars making a nightmare of a commercial. For their


Nokia N8 Commercial – Hamster Powered Phone Charger

This commercial shows a bunch of crazy things you can do with the new Nokia N8. But I highly doubt that


Nokia E7 Smart Phone Commercial

Move over iPhone and Blackberry. Nokia E7 is coming to slay thee. The E7 has a glorious glass touch screen,