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John Oliver On North Dakota

It wasn't that long ago that the state of North Dakota was an afterthought in the American economy. That all


Terrifying Close To A Tornado In North Dakota

Dan Yorgason and his friends had no where to go! There was a giant tornado heading right for their trailer park,


Ron Burgundy Anchors Actual Newscast In North Dakota

Viewers of KXNews in North Dakota were treated to a special newscast with the one and only Ron Burgundy as


Giant Spinning Ice Disk In North Dakota

The Associated Press reports George Loegering found an extremely rare weather phenomenon and luckily caught it on camera.  The retired engineer in North Dakota


Radio Caller Complains That The State Should Move Deer Crossing Sign Because It Attracts Deer

This week old audio clip, which features a caller to the Y94 Playhouse Fargo, ND radio station, has amassed over 1.3 million hits. In


Flooding On I-29 Fargo North Dakota

The flooding in North Dakota is getting serious. Water, about a foot high, covered I-29 in Fargo, North Dakota. It's