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T-Pain Proves He’s Actually A Good Singer Without Auto-Tune

Hip hop and pop star T-Pain is famous for using auto-tune to enhance his music. But after years of producing…

Spiders Tune Their Webs Like A Guitar

In this cute animation, NPR explains that the spider is much more musically talented than most people realize. When a spider…

The Blind Woman Who Saw Rain

Milena Channing became blind after a suffering stroke at 29 years old. She simply woke up at the hospital and all…

What Does Sound Look Like?

What does sound actually look like? No, not just a digital representation, but the sound waves in real life? NPR explains…

The Science Of Pop Corn

A movie isn't complete without a hot, buttery bowl of popcorn. NPR reviews the popular, salty snack in this interesting video.…

NPR Covers The NBA Finals

When flipping through the radio dial, it is easy to distinguish public radio from the rest of the heathens. NPR…

7 Billion People Explained

The world is about to reach a pivotal point. Soon, there will be seven Billion people living on earth. That's a crazy…

NPR Senior Execs Caught On Hidden Camera

Republican activist secretly recorded NPR's senior executive talking with a Muslim Brotherhood front group. They discuss their federal funding, Fanatical Christians,…

People Blind Folded Can’t Walk In Straight Line

Multiple experiments have been done showing that humans can't go straight when blind folded or in the fog. If we…


After Fox attacked NPR over firing Juan Williams, these two fans show their support by making this rap.



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