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NYC Explosion Turns Sky Blue Hue

Transformer Explosion in NYC Explosion Turns Sky Blue Who knew that an accident could create something so beautiful! This is


I Finally Made It To New York City!

She did it! And this heartwarming welcome video uploaded by Jackelyn Figueroa from February 2015 is skyrocketing right now with


Driving Hitting 240 Green Lights In A Row

For some people, "luck" is to win in the lottery, for others it is to have lots of green lights


Standing Blind In Central Park With A Sign: I Trust You

This is a very emotional trust experiment performed by Karim Sulayman. On November 19th he stood in Central Park West


Silver Surfer Riding Through New York City

Another epic Halloween costume. Jesse Wellens turned himself into The Silver Surfer - with the help of makeup artist Alexys


Surprise Press Conference Prank

It's amazing. When most people see someone speaking to the public on the streets we assume they are trying to sell us


Random People Become Dance Captain Of Professional Dance Crew In NYC

Most of us are too scared to even dance with our friends, let alone in front of strangers. So Improv Everywhere decided


Pokemon Go In Real Life In New York City

Move over Candy Crush. It seems like everyone is talking about Pokemon Go, the newest smartphone game craze. Casey Neistat decided to


Amatuer Video Of New York City In 1990 Is Just As Bad As You Remember it

New York City is famous for many positive things. But there's a dark side to all the sushi, pizza, and glamour. And


New Yorkers Just Missing Their Train

Like all things in life, living in New York City has its positives and negatives. Take the subway for example. For


Asking Strangers To Be A Commencement Speaker

Graduation season is nearing its end. For a truly unique graduation speech, Improv Everywhere set up a graduation ceremony in Bryant Park and


James Corden Drives In New York Traffic With Lin-Manuel Miranda, Audra McDonald, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Jane Krakowski

You may have heard the exciting news that The Late Late Show host James Corden will be hosting this year's Tony Awards.