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Obama Osama Mix Up Compilation

The news media was so excited about Osama Bin Laden's killing that they could barely speak properly. Slip ups and…

Obama A Model Modern U.S. President Spoof Modern Major General

Here's a well done parody of the famous Modern Major General made for Obama. Obama sings about recent politics and…

Obama’s Presidential Seal Falls Off Podium During Speech Blooper

Obama's presidential seal falls off when he taps the podium a little to hard during his speech. He's quick on…

Obama Heckled About AIDS Funding at NY Event

President Barack Obama is heckled at an event in New York about his lack of AIDS funding and asking for…

Sasha Obama Scores HOLE IN ONE Playing Mini Golf

God, I hate camera man Fails. Sasha Obama on the first round of a fun family game of mini golf,…


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