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Octopus Hides Among the Plants

Octopus Hides Among Plants We have an interesting video from the ocean today. This cool video was recorded by a


Majestic Octopus Is Majestic

Some creatures are better off living underwater, but this octopus doesn't care about nature's laws. [embed][/embed]


Red Octopus Face Off With A Swimmer Crab

Sometimes nature can be cruel. And entertaining. ViralHog uploaded this video showing the food chain in action resulting in over

Video Of A Very Rare Octopus

Okay, honestly - I don't know how to put this. It is a video about an octopus. Or not even


Giant Octopus Kite Is Crazy Big

There are plenty of specialty kites out there, but this beast at the Show Kites Singapore out does them all.


Newly Found Tiny Octopus Is Adorable

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute has the eggs of a newly found deep sea creature incubating at their facilities.


Octopus Chases And Captures Crab

Apparently, people aren't the only ones who enjoy crab for dinner. Bettina Turnbull was at the Rose Bay ferry wharf in Sydney, Australia when


Octopus Almost Escapes From Tank At Seattle Aquarium

Besides for the shark, the octopus is the scariest and creepiest of all oceanic animals. There's just something so chilling


Octopus Jumps Out Of Water To Eat Crab

People aren't the only ones who enjoy a little crab for dinner. Porsche Indrisie was by the waters in Yallingup, Western Australia


Octopus Escapes Boat By Squeezing Through Tiny Hole

The Octopus is an amazing creature. Most people aren't aware of its incredible flexibility. Though it may look large, the octopus can


True Facts About The Octopus

It's been a while, but he's finally back. Eccentric YouTuber ZeFrank is famous for his ridiculous True Facts about animals series.  This


Octopus Grabs Scuba Diver’s Camera

Divers Warren Murray and David Malvestuto were swimming off the coast of Point Lobos in Carmel, California when they encountered a serious