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Tom Hanks: The Movie

Tom Hanks is a world famous actor, starring in countless blockbuster films.  But have you ever realized that his films


Pumpkin Spice Horror Movie Trailer

Every fall pumpkin flavors seem to seep into every normal food. Pumpkin coffee, pumpkin beer, pumpkin muffins, there's simply no


Asking Strangers To Cover For Me Prank

As a fun social experiment, Official Comedy sent Patrick to the park with a mission to ask strangers to cover for


Fake Twin Brother Prank At The Park

PrankvsPrank and British YouTuber Jack Gap went viral last week with their hilarious twin teleport prank that they pulled off with Jack's twin. Gordon


Weatherman Report In The Elevator Prank

Chit chatting about the weather during a short elevator ride is a common tactic used by many to help reduce


The Worst Villain Ever Sketch Comedy

Actors Matt McCarthy and Mike O'Gorman star in this brand new sketch comedy skit by Official Comedy. Michael has earned the name as


Fancy Restroom Attendant At Gas Station Bathroom Prank

Running into a fancy restroom attendant is a nice surprise while out at the opera. But the extra company is


NPR Covers The NBA Finals

When flipping through the radio dial, it is easy to distinguish public radio from the rest of the heathens. NPR