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Paddy And Nico Dance The Salsa On Britain’s Got Talent

Over a month ago, eighty year old Paddy and her much younger dance partner Nico blew up on the Internet after


If This 98 Year Old Woman Can Help Her Neighbor, So Can You

This touching human interest story by I Like Giving--a campaign for a generous world--has gone viral with over 165,000 views. The


Crazy Lady Steals Rhubarb

NSFW Language This week old video by Remote Laughter is trending more than ever, especially after being parodied by Conan. The video


Old Man Can’t Say ‘Baked In A Buttery Flaky Crust’ Commercial Blooper Reel

Sometimes the outtakes have a better chance to go viral than the actual commercial. At least that's the case with


Kevin Durant Gives Old Lady Sitting Courtside Kiss After She Is Hit By Deflected Pass

Oklahoma City Thunders forward Kevin Durant is going viral, not for his athletic skills, but rather for being a gentleman on the court. After one


Seniors React To Jersey Shore

Thankfully, the Jersey Shore's fifteen minutes are finally up. And those were some long minutes, too. Now that the media circus


Grandparents Awesome Wedding Toast For Happy Marriage

Kenny and Selma couldn't make it to the wedding, so they left a special video to be played later. They


Deb ‘Spoons’ Perry Performs Lonely Boy By The Black Keys

This ridiculous video of Deb Spoon Perry 'performing' a cover with spoons has really taken off this week, amassing over


76 Year Old Woman Slams Into Publix Grocery Store Driving At 50 MPH, Injuring 10 – Surveillance Video

A 76 year old woman was charged with careless driving by the Florida Highway Patrol after she drove her Toyota Camry into


Jedi Grandma

CGI artist AndrewMFilms has returned to web with his latest video, Jedi Grandma. When granny tells you to turn down the music,


Woman Too Excited Over Sponge Paint Brush

This vintage video features an older woman teaching and showing us how to use the Rainbow Sponge. She is a


Grandma Dances Along With Pop Dancers

A group of pop dancers were giving a show in Croatia when granny stole the spot light. She stepped onto the