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Grandfather Goes On Tinder Dates

As most people now know, Tinder is the extremely popular dating 'hookup' app that connects you with people in your


Elderly Italian Cook Can’t Pronounce ‘Worcestershire Sauce’

Orsara Recipes is one of the Internet's go to YouTube channels to learn genuine and authentic Italian cooking. Orsara is from


Old Man Throws His Canes Away To Dance

This Facebook video by Edgard Eleuterio Daza has exploded online over the weekend, with over 350,000 shares! The video is simply and


Frank Sings Frank Sinatra On America’s Got Talent

Frank Dmitri grew up with a stutter, and as a result, never had the courage to pursue his dream of


Kind Biker Helps Old Man Cross Busy Street

This video, appropriately titled Полезное мотоциклист or Helpful Motorcyclist in English, purportedly taken in Russia has gone viral with over 300,000 views.


Elderly Man’s Reaction To Finding Out He’s Going To Be A Grandfather Will Warm Your Heart

One of life's greatest pleasures is becoming a grandparent. Jessica Hickey's father is an elderly man and has been desperately waiting


Old Man Is Transformed After Befriending Goose

Back in 2011, the CBS Evening News reported the touching story about an elderly man who is best friends with a


The Reason Why This 64 Year Old Man Walks Across America Will Leave You Misty Eyed brings this human interest story by Cyrus Sutton about Steve Fugate.  After losing both his son and his daughter at the


Elderly Man Explains The Nature Of His Pet Fox

Andy Langley of LPSCreativeMedia presents this enlightening video about the misunderstood fox.  The clip showcases an elderly man who has adopted a rescued


Kyrie Irving Pranks Pickup Basketball Players As Old Man ‘Uncle Drew’ Part 3

Pepsi and Kyrie%20Irving have gone viralviral twice in the past with their Uncle Drew prank where Kyrie%20Irving dresses as an old man, and


96 Year Old Man Enters Song About His Wife ‘Sweet Lorraine’ Into Online Song Writing Contest

Green Shoe Studios in East Peoria, IL held a song writing contest online and for their small community a few months back.


Man Performs Impressive Hacky Sack Tricks On The Street

H4x354x0r is a major hacky sack enthusiasts. His YouTube channel is covered in hundreds of videos of him performing on the