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Seniors React To Dubstep

The Fine Bros are famous for their Kids React series, where they interview kids after showing them a piece of current pop


Grandparents Using Photo Booth Compilation

Grandparents attempting to use technology has always been an Internet favorite, especially when they use Photo Booth. Here's a thirteen


Seniors Dance To Last Christmas At Target

Flash mobs are more for the young folk. Older people aren't interested in all that flash and jazz. They just


Grandparents React To Dubstep

Old people are always viral gold. They just seem so lost in this new hi-tech interconnected world we live in called


Mom Leaves Funny Voicemail To Son With Questions About Her Facebook

Now that Facebook has gone fully mainstream, it's largest growing demographic is no longer young people. They've all either joined, or


Adorable Older Couple Webcam Shenanigans

Everyone with grandparents knows that seniors have trouble with Internet and computers. As they say, 'You can't teach an old


Retirement Home Epic Lip Dub To Feeling Good

Old people are a specially loved category on the Internet. Since most of the elderly don't use the Internet, the


Old Couple Don’t Know How To Use Webcam

Technology and old people never mix well. These two old love birds try to take a digital picture probably for


Grandparents Rap Baby Got Back

John and Evel met in the 6th grade and are 89. Their grandson showed them the lyrics to Sir Mixalot's Baby